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Book more than four nights. For you a free mosaic workshop.

bianca bed and breakfast Lenisaal5 Trento Italia

Bianca and the mosaic

The mosaic has ancient origins, even in Trentino it has

left its mark.  In Trento there are examples of Roman flooring in the domus of the Tabarelli palace and the Teatro Sociale theater where underground excavations have discovered Roman ruins. 


The workshop mosaics is conducted by Bianca. The local artist  expresses her art form in this way:

for me mosaics are like a game where the endless forms and diverse materials align in harmony.

Each fragment collected while walking in the forest or along the river is a stimulant for a new creation.

This is how my mosaics are born:  taking inspiration from Nature and its elements.

For those who are interested there is the possibility of booking a session with Bianca, the artist, to make: 

- a reproduction of an ornamental model of Trento mosaic town;

- or, for those who inspire to something more modern, like small mosaic objects.

They will provide a pleasant memory of your holiday to take back home and Bianca is more than happy to assist in helping with your very own creation.

mosaico bed and breakfast Lenisaal5 Trento Italiamosaico bed and breakfast Lenisaal5 Trento ItaliaBianca bed and breakfast Lenisaal5 Trento Italia
mosaico bed and breakfast Lenisaal5 Trento Italia

mosaico bed and breakfast Trento Italia
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